Raised in a small northern town in Quebec, Michael always had a natural disposition for planning and building. As a young child, he often carried a notebook of “plans” detailing various structures that he and his friends would build.

Michael went on to earn a Civil Engineering degree at McGill University. Following graduation, Michael honed his engineering and business skills as a project manager for prominent Toronto real estate developer Robert Mitchell and earned a certificate in construction law from Osgoode Hall Law School. More than twenty years later Michael has overseen the development and construction of many condominiums and commercial projects in Ontario and has built a reputation as a problem solver and trusted advisor to many developers.

As President and CEO, Michael is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the company.


Adam Miller is a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry. He earned a degree in civil engineering from the University of Toronto and honed his construction and business experience with a hands-on approach to all phases of project life cycle without concern of getting his hands dirty.

Adam is enthusiastic about helping clients turn their vision into reality. He is a passionate problem solver with a knack for finding efficient solutions. He actively seeks out innovative ways to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment, working towards more sustainable development.

In his free time, Adam enjoys spending time with his family and friends at the cottage and engaging in his hobbies, where he can channel his creativity and find inspiration to bring to team.


With over twenty years of experience in the design, development and construction field, Drago joined the Grove PM team as a Senior Project Manager in 2020. He quickly became a key player on all active projects. His extensive experience, highlights the importance of clear and timely communication, maintaining project situational awareness, along with dynamic problem-solving techniques throughout the project life cycle.

Drago’s work philosophy is to lead by example, this is displayed in the way he is always looking to mentor, educate and develop the team at every opportunity. Furthermore, he considers that one of the most important values in the field is to always be open to learning, especially when it comes to new methodologies and procedures. Drago’s leadership extends outside of the construction industry as well, for over two decades he has been serving as an Officer in the Military Reserve.


Carlos has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and is one of Grove’s foremost residential construction specialists. He has a track of achieving results for clients, no matter the size of the residential complex or complexity. Carlos has built over 20,000 residential units with projects across the world.

A leader in managing multi-million-dollar projects and consistently meeting or exceeding goals, Carlos has a proven ability to deliver results for clients, regardless of the size or complexity of projects.


Born and raised in Montreal, Natasha is in charge of leading our highly customized residential projects. She ensures the final product is in line with the client’s expectations by properly managing all the requests and deficiencies, her daily tasks include communicating with the trades to create an efficient environment for them to complete the job. Furthermore, Natasha always has an eye for detail, a skill she uses to ensure the quality of the craftsmanship is at the top of its game.

Natasha loves seeing the development of a project through each of the stages while witnessing how all the team efforts and hard work come to fruition. In her spare time, Natasha enjoys spending time at the barn training her Thoroughbred.


Lee has over twenty years experience in the construction industry. As a Superintendent of our condominium projects, Lee is a big believer in being a team player, this aspect plays a huge part in his work philosophy. Additionally, he considers planning ahead as a vital asset when working in construction.

For Lee, the most gratifying aspect of working in the field is leading a team of construction professionals and seeing the evolution of the project from start to finish. Prior to joining Grove, Lee work in underground construction, an experience that required him to become an expert in the implementation of site safety protocols.

During his off-hours, Lee is very fond of sports and loves playing football or basketball with his son.


Dora holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from , in Peru. She is currently working as a Project Coordinator, supporting the team on one of our residential condominium projects.. Before joining the Grove team, Dora worked as a coordinator in institutional construction projects, where she got the opportunity to also be on the design team. The most fulfilling aspect of construction for her is to be part of the process, from an idea to a final product that serves a community.

She thinks the most important value in the industry is adaptability. Each project is full of surprises; therefore, it is essential to quickly respond to any of them while keeping a creative mind. In her off-hours, Dora loves listening to psychology podcasts and cooking new recipes.


Vrinda has over twenty years experience as a Gold Seal Superintendent and is a graduate of Humber College Civil Technology Program. He has successfully led highly skilled teams in the field to deliver several large scale projects in both the Residential and ICI sector in the GTA and overseas. Vrinda is able to rely on his experience and knowledge of varied construction processes to implement the most effective and efficient methods to make sure the desired outcome is achieved for all stakeholders, without compromise to quality or safety.

Vrinda has a proven track record of taking challenging projects to a successful conclusion in some of the busiest areas in the downtown core where safety and minimal disruption are of the utmost importance.


With over 35 years of construction experience as a superintendent, Murray brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. An expert in high-rise condominium construction, Murray has overseen the construction of large scale communities throughout Ontario. Murray continuously works on building strong relationships with trades, suppliers and consultants based on respect and built on trust. Murray also hold a degree in Applied Art and Technology from Humber College.


Mario joined Grove in 2022 with the task of leading Parliament and Co’s Warehouse Lofts project, a mixed-use, 11 Storey building in Toronto.

With over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, Mario has worked on projects for top companies such as Tridel, Toddglen and Fitzrovia. Mario brings a vast amount of knowledge, commitment, initiative and energy to the team that is vital to achieving our project goals.

Mario has a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business and has continued his education with a tailored approach towards Project Management. Mario is an avid golfer who also enjoys world travelling.


Ammar graduated from the University of Guelph with his Bachelors of Engineering Degree, specializing in Environmental Engineering. Over the past decade, he has continued to expand his knowledge by working in various fields; from mine closures to highways to residential development. Ammar thrives in collaborating, planning and executing projects, along with creating a collaborative and welcoming environment.

During his downtime, Ammar cherishes spending time with his wife and children, going camping during summer as well as playing cricket and video games on the weekends.


Matt joined Grove in 2022 after completing an Advanced Diploma in Architecture Technology at George Brown College. Since then, Matt has been working as a Project Coordinator providing indispensable support to the construction management team. Matt has an extensive knowledge of building construction, reading and interpreting construction drawings, as well as a thorough understanding of the Ontario Building Code.

Matt is also a graduate of the Fire Fighting Pre-Service Education and Training Program at Seneca College. Throughout the course of the program, Matt earned multiple specialized certifications. Matt is also a Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Responder (EMR) and Ontario class DZ Driver’s License.


Mary directs all HR and Administration at Grove Inc. through Gore & Associates our trusted accounting partners. Mary is a certified QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor. Mary’s service philosophy and sensitivity to clients’ needs ensures that every client feels valued through prompt and professional service.


Through our trusted partners Gore & Associates, Ashley provides the Grove team with office administration support. Ashley employs her degree in Business Administration and years of customer service experience to make every interaction with our office a delight. She brings to our office an effortlessly positive attitude and a detail-oriented, efficient work ethic.


Colin grew up in Southern Ontario and he is currently working as an Assistant Superintendent for one of our largest projects. A construction project has a lot of moving parts; therefore, Colin takes great pride in being part of this process and all the work accomplished. He builds a bridge between the site and the office, constantly communicating with trades and overseeing tasks to ensure the site progresses safely and efficiently.

From his work experience, Colin emphasizes the importance of developing so many new relationships with a diverse group of people, which have shaped him to become the exceptional employee he is today. Aside from his commitment to the construction field, Colin is passionate about the fitness world, he is a National level Natural Bodybuilding competitor.