A Win-Win

Home sharing is not a new concept.  People have been renting rooms to travelers for generations.  Never has the need been more acute than in today’s dwindling rental market.  Especially hard hit are university students struggling to survive the cost burden of moving away from home and attempting to find  living accommodations that meet a limited budget. As more and more empty nesters find themselves with copious space – and loneliness – it only makes sense that the void be filled by equally needy students, away from home for the first time and financially and emotionally drained.   The  benefits  mutually attained by both parties are a much needed respite to the angst caused by the rental crises, as well as to those not welcoming the long, quiet days and nights.   This is a win-win solution by all accounts with so very much to gain.  To find out more,  read here.



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