Beautiful Bluffs

All eyes have been on the Toronto Islands this summer with the extensive flooding and ongoing high-water levels.  However, another one of our treasured sites, the Scarborough Bluffs, came under attack by Mother Nature as well in the past few months resulting in significant and dangerous erosion.  The City was forced to close off many areas deemed hazardous to the public over safety concerns.  The good news is that the city announced this week that they were reopening select areas that are considered to have  stabilized.  The bad news is that the Bluffs will also be a dare waiting to be taken by the few who feel scaling them will not result in injury or life-threatening circumstances.

Expanding some 15 kms from the bottom of Victoria Park Road on the west to East Point Park in the east, the Bluffs were formed some 12,000 years ago resulting in  a significant geographical landmark.  They were formed by sedimentary deposits through the organic process of wind and water.   The Bluffs span 900 metres (300 ft) high and were first named the Scarborough Highlands in 1793.  A majestic site by land, and a magical site by water, The Bluffs are part of our province’s greatest natural habitats.

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