The Bentway is ushering in its fall season with an art exhibition entitled “If But What If” that will run from September 11 – November 30th.  As part of this multi media installation, The Bentway has announced the inclusion of an extraordinary large scale light installation entitled WATERLICHT.   Using LED lighting and software, this magical show will serve to bring attention to the importance of clean water, environmental issues and climate change.  The simulation of blue waves under the Gardiner,  will be accompanied by a customized  soundscaping which will include stories of local civic figures, historic facts and artists.

Partnering up with The Bentway for this very significant event is the AGO, Ryerson University and the Ontario Climate Consortium amongst others.

To find out more information on the event, click here

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From Dusk Till Dawn the party lives on.

Toronto’s all nighter is coming back to town on September 29th to 30th.  Nuit Blanche is our annual dusk till dawn celebration of everything creative and artistic.  Check out this year’s event lineup on Nuit Blanche’s official website here.

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Topping Up.

An interesting art installation cropped up recently that had many people scratching their heads and wondering what happened to the once unassuming statue of Adam Beck near Queen and University.  Adam Beck, the founder of the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario, might be scratching his head right now, if he could get to it!  Read the story here to find out more about this unique art commission.

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Screaming Heads

The backpacks and school supplies have disappeared from the shelves and have quickly been replaced with copious displays of Halloween paraphernalia.   No longer a kids only activity where dressing up and collecting candy from homes with single lit pumpkins was the norm, Halloween has now become a favourite seasonal celebration for not just the young but the young at heart as well.   Haunted castles, haunted homes and corn field mazes are increasing in popularity as families extend the spooky spirit to more than just one night.

If you have yet to visit The Screaming Heads art exhibit north of Muskoka, it is worth a visit.  These concrete cast sculptures lie on a 310 acre property which is open to the public to walk around and view these spectacular art pieces.  The owner and artist, lives on the property in a funky castle and welcomes visitors all year round, but at this time of the year with the foliage turning colours and everything spooky in the air, it is truly worth the trip.  Check out more here

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MOCA on the move.

Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is set to open its doors in their new location in the Lower Junction.  Moving into a landmark heritage building, the museum will be continuing its dedication to showcasing contemporary art and cultural practices.  The Grand Opening is free admission and takes place on September 22 – 23.  For more information on the museum and the grand opening, click here

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Toronto International Film Festival

Our city is about to explode with TIFF fever.  From Thursday, September 6 to Sunday, September 16, the city will be abuzz with celebrity sightings, glamorous parties and most of all, enthusiastic movie fans.  Attracting over 400,000 people each year, TIFF has become one of the most important film festivals around the world.  For all the information you need, go to the TIFF website at www.tiff.net

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Kensington Market

Kensington Market has been enjoying some exciting changes within the neighbourhood and the transformation of the former Fairland Grocery store will be no exception.

Opening this summer within the former grocery store space will be an interactive art/music installation which pairs local artists and musicians in a collaborative mash-up of talent.  Find out more by clicking here.

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Everyone is King

Interesting things are popping up all over King Street these days.  From interactive stationery bikes that light up a cubical when passersby jump on and start pedaling, to a conversation nook made from sponge pool noodles (called the Woggle Jungle), and even beautifully painted Muskoka chairs inviting the public to sit down and rest awhile.

They are all part of Toronto’s Everyone is King Design Build Competition, launched January 2018,  where designers submitted their entries for temporary curb lane installations along King Street .  You can find the winners here or by strolling down King and enjoying the artistic installations in person.

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Luminato – Something for everyone

Overture, curtain, lights this is it, the night of nights”… or in Luminato’s case, the nights of nights. Toronto’s annual festival of theatre, dance, music, inspirational talks and all things creative, is running from June 6 – June 24.  And the lineup is impressive. Events cover a wide range of scope which include educational, artistic and thought provoking human rights talks and documentaries, there is something for everyone.  Book your tickets now at https://luminatofestival.com/2018/Events. 

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Update on the Bentway

Riding on the heels of the very successful Bentway Winter Skating park, the City of Toronto is gearing up for an equally entertaining summer under the Gardiner.   The Bentway Summer Bash and other outdoor events to be announced in the next few weeks, will extend this new community venue’s accessibility and usage throughout the year.  A number of art installations and music events are planned throughout the summer months.   For more info check out the Bentway or click here for information from Blog.to.

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