Construction site makeovers

Thanks to The PATCH Project, dozens of Construction Sites in the city are sporting a creative front these days.  The initiative, driven by a city by-law that states  any construction site requiring hoarding on a public right of way must ensure that 50% of the hoarding be covered in artwork depicting community elements, is fueled by The PATCH Project, an off-shoot of The STEPS Initiative.  This award winning charitable organization is responsible for a number of inspiring creations throughout the city which reflect community values through art and culture.  Read more here

Transforming Space

An exhibit by renowned Canadian architect and artist,  Philip Beasley, is slated to open at the ROM in early June.  Beasley’s approach to structure and space, reflected in the emerging field of responsive architecture, is a feast for the eyes and the senses.  Beasley creates a metabolic architecture whereby man-made structures are interpreted not as inanimate, fixed objects, but as living, breathing entities capable of regeneration and growth.  A vast canopy of glass, polymers and metals float and sway in reaction to the viewer’s movements below while LED’s flash and mild, gentle scents subtly emerge.  It is a veritable feast for the senses.

Beasley has joined forces once again with Dutch Haute Couture designer, Iris Van Herpen in presenting their collaborative installations.  Beasley’s  “Transforming Space” and Van Herpen’s ”Transforming Fashion” can be seen concurrently at the ROM, from June 2- October 8, 2018.  For more information on the exhibit, click here.

Art in the Beach

If you are looking to get out and about this weekend, why not check out the annual Beach Studio Tour.  For over 20 years, local artists have collectively opened their homes and their studios to showcase their art and give visitors a chance to peruse and purchase unique works.   The Tour runs May 4 through May 7 and all are welcome.  For a list of artists and locations,  check here.

Note: The artwork featured above is by Fine Artist, Lisa Bennett, just one of the many artists showcasing their work this weekend. 



Grow OP at the Gladstone

The Gladstone Hotel will be hosting its annual Grow Op from April 18th – 22nd.  In its sixth year, the 2018 theme of “After the Flood” will consider how humans and nature will emerge after a catastrophic event in terms of our relationships with changes that will occur organically and inorganically.   The art installations will reflect the various artists views on growth and change, insufficiency and excess and how the world will evolve as our climate drastically alters our footprint and our very existence. Check out the article in Canadian Architect here as well as the Gladstone Hotel website for more information.

Mural magician

Even if you don’t have the need of a coin operated laundry facility, a trip to this Toronto institution is akin to a trip down Toronto’s memory lane.  With nods to the who’s who of Toronto, the city’s landmarks and childhood media memorabilia, the wall art in this laundromat landmark is worth the cost of the wash and spin dry.  Check out the story here and then check out the locale there.

Quite a Riot

With the city’s outdoor ice rinks taking a hit weather-wise this week, why not take a walk on the beach instead.  The annual Winter Stations Design Competition is currently underway at Woodbine Beach and makes for an interesting day by the water.  This year’s theme is “Riot” and those chosen to participate in turning seven lifeguard stations into temporary art installations, will be exhibiting their work from now until April 1st.  For more information on the event, click here


Toronto  Design Offsite Festival 2018 (TO DO18), kicks off with the Opening Night party on January 15th and runs through to the 21st.  TO DO 18 promises to be a whirlwind of activity bringing together designers and the community in a celebration of work through installations, exhibitions and events scattered throughout the city.  Get all the details on the TO DO website by clicking here


Breaking the ice at Queens Quay

With our first real snowfall this week, the city seems to be rejuvenated from the dull winter blahs.  Snow has a way of lifting our Canadian spirits and starts us on the road to  winter activities.    The upcoming Ice Breakers Art Competition is a good way to get out and enjoy the season after the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over.  Set to take centre stage in January 2018,  this exciting art installation will brighten the shores at Queens Quay while showcasing interactive works of art by  international talent.  For more information click  HERE


A Picture is worth a thousand words

What happens when you give 100 homeless persons 100 cameras and ask them to take pictures of the city as they see it?  You get 90 cameras back, and 2400 images of the city from a completely new perspective, and a project named “My Toronto” evolves. Of the 2400 images, 40 were chosen and from there, 13 finalists will emerge the winners and their photography will be featured in an upcoming calendar.  The images are currently on display at Artscape Youngplace running through to the 22nd.  For more information on the My Toronto Challenge and the people involved in this amazing project, click here


Art in the Beach

The 14th Annual Art in the Beach Festival put on by the Beach Guild of Fine Arts begins tomorrow and continues through the weekend wrapping up on Sunday the 24th.  Featuring art works by over 40 local artisans, this annual sale is not to be missed.  Details are on their website, click here for the link.

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