Urban treehouses

We don’t normally think of tree houses as urban dwellings.  Usually when one thinks treehouse it is with memories of  back yard private kid spaces or on the flip side, romantic tropical getaways.  A community of  tree houses in the city would be unthinkable one might ponder.  But that is precisely what University of Westminister graduate, Matthew Chamberlain, proposes.  The designs are innovative and sustainable, and well, kind of fun and romantic.  Read more on Chamberlain’s vision here.


Cool Pool

When it comes to cool pools, we think this proposed rooftop gem is definitely way up there – in more ways than one.  Check it out here


Eye candy

It is said you eat first with your eyes and then with your mouth.  In the case of this restaurant, Quetzal  featured in contemporist.com, truer words were never spoken.  The unique design is a feast for the eyes, and hopefully the palate as well.



The Bubble House

Pierre Cardin’s Bubble House is not to be missed.  If you haven’t  heard of it before, here is you chance to check it out here.

Site Shack Chic

In Vancouver B.C., a construction management firm  is putting a  welcoming face to the otherwise stark and redundant look of a construction site office.  Boasting an organic look and feel to the mobile office space, Powers Construction’s design is more appealing to the community and their site staff in terms of looks, comfort and function. Read why here Canadian Architect.

The Fabulous Fold

A unique home in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood is a standout in design and architecture.  The interior space is as thoughtfully put together as is the copper clad facade.  Don’t miss a chance to check it out here.



Wooden buildings on the rise

With wood construction mid-rise buildings becoming more and more “de rigeur”,  the race is on to see which building will be completed first to gain the recognition as the tallest modern mass timber building in Canada.

77 Wade is the newest building in the running to produce a beautiful commercial space using this ever growing trend.  Read the article here from Canadian Architect.

Disney for Designers

Design TO will jump start 2019 by bringing 10 full days of design filled events to our city.  From January 18th through to the 27th, embrace your inner designer by taking in any number of free events hosted by Design TO.  For more information and a complete schedule of events, click here


Laneway housing done right

With the by-laws regarding laneway housing being eased this year, we are starting to see homes popping up out of what were once run-down, out-buildings.  An article in dwell.com shows one spectacular example of what good design in a re-purposed building can achieve.  Check it out here.

For better or for worse?

Here are some innovative new ideas of re-envisioning parking spots in favour of bicyclists and pedestrians.  The designs, found in different cities worldwide could wind up on the streets of Toronto as demand for more user friendly spaces in the downtown core grows.  However, many supporters of the “cars trump bicycles” mindset would disagree on the benefits of an already diminishing parking capacity on our city streets. Read the story here.