Urban treehouses

We don’t normally think of tree houses as urban dwellings.  Usually when one thinks treehouse it is with memories of  back yard private kid spaces or on the flip side, romantic tropical getaways.  A community of  tree houses in the city would be unthinkable one might ponder.  But that is precisely what University of Westminister graduate, Matthew Chamberlain, proposes.  The designs are innovative and sustainable, and well, kind of fun and romantic.  Read more on Chamberlain’s vision here.


Cool Pool

When it comes to cool pools, we think this proposed rooftop gem is definitely way up there – in more ways than one.  Check it out here


Skinny not mini

A recent article in Toronto Life proves that innovation goes a long way when horizontal space is limited.  Check out 3 creatively designed “skinny” houses here.


The Fabulous Fold

A unique home in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood is a standout in design and architecture.  The interior space is as thoughtfully put together as is the copper clad facade.  Don’t miss a chance to check it out here.



Wooden buildings on the rise

With wood construction mid-rise buildings becoming more and more “de rigeur”,  the race is on to see which building will be completed first to gain the recognition as the tallest modern mass timber building in Canada.

77 Wade is the newest building in the running to produce a beautiful commercial space using this ever growing trend.  Read the article here from Canadian Architect.

To Sea or not to Sea

Many of us dream of living on a boat in a beautiful tropical climate during our golden years.  But a Netherlands architectural firm is taking that dream in a different direction.  Offering the opportunity to live on a boat without ever worrying about sea-sickness or the ravages salt water may play on the vessel itself.  Enter, Marine-doc Estate.  An ingenious community of re-cycled, out-of commission ships that have been hoisted onto land and re-imagined into beautiful homes and neighbourhoods.  Re-purposing these enormous vessels is both practical and environmentally sound.   Let’s see if this unique idea catches on in other city’s and towns across the Globe.  Read more here


The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

The RAIC has put out a call for presenters and proposals for tours to take place during the 2019 Festival of Architecture and the 2020 RAIC Conference.  Interested parties should check out their website here to get all the information needed to apply.



Revel with a Cause

Some houses just make you swoon.  Ironically, this house could make people swoon not only for its timeless elegance but for its former celebrity owner.  This iconic Hollywood Hills house once the former residence of James Dean has the clean, crisp lines that are not just elegant, but beautifully warm and inviting.  It has undergone a restoration since its famous owner resided there, but the personality of the home exudes an old-time charm with a present-day panache.  For anyone currently planning on a move south, this beauty could be scooped up for a mere $4,000,000.00 along with the bragging rights of sleeping under James Dean’s roof. Click here to get the scoop on these digs.



Catch the Fever

Architecture and civil engineering students from across Canada will be competing for the top prize in this year’s Timber Fever Design Build competition.  The annual design and construction competition has doubled in size this year and includes sixteen teams from universities across Canada.  Presented by Moses Structural Engineers, each team must design and construct a life size structure imagining the theme of The”Reading Room”.

The competition runs from September 20th – 23rd and the public are invited to attend the judging on September 23rd at 4:00 p.m.  For all the details click here