Opposites attract, and win awards too

The Canadian Architecture firm, rzlbd, has taken home the very prestigious International American Architecture Prize for their “opposite” house built in the Scarborough Cliffcrest neighbourhood in Toronto.  Read more on this award winnng structure HERE.


Sustainable and Strong

This amazing structure in Thailand is made entirely of sustainable bamboo and boasts a neutral carbon footprint.  This is truly an ancient building technology made all the more relevant by today’s urgent need for environmentally sound construction.  Read the article and see more pictures on this beautiful work of art by clicking HERE

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Stunning views and architecture

We love the clean and curvy lines of this chic home in Oakland, California.  The architecture is second only to the amazing landscape and views that surround it. Enjoy the view by clicking HERE

Habitat 2.0

Expo 67 in Montreal meant a lot of things to a lot of people, but no one more so than the world renowned architect, Moshe Safdie.  His innocent vision of a utopian community housed in a futuristic mash up of concrete cubes, was not only imagined, but executed into what became then, and still is today, Habitat 67.   Architect Bjarke Ingels of BIG, has been one of Safdie’s greatest admirers and is currently proposing a  development in Toronto, which has been strongly influenced by the eclectic architecture of Habitat, so much so that it has been dubbed Habitat 2.0.

For those of us who appreciated the strange beauty and for those of us who never quite got the why’s or the wherefore’s of Habitat ’67, this article by Karrie Jacobs for Curbed.com helps shed a bit of light into the amazing journey Mr. Safdie took to bring this unprecedented project to fruition.  Read the whole story HERE

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Restoration of Massey Hall

Over its 123 year History, Massey Hall has become one of the most iconic venues the city has to showcase local and international talent.  As the building’s popularity stayed on course, the structure itself has not aged gracefully over the years.   Until recently, restoration processes have not always fared favourably to this grand dame of architecture, prompting the Province of Ontario to infuse an additional $4 million to bring back the aging structure to its formidably elegant self once again.  We look forward to seeing the end result of this vast undertaking in the years to come.  Read more at canadianinteriors.com by clicking HERE

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Architectural Facadism

Canadian Architect recently published a thought-provoking article by Brad Done on “Architectural Facadism and Urban Intensification”.  It is an insight into the growing trends of cities like Toronto and the need to provide modern living and work spaces while protecting heritage designations.  The challenges ensue as building facades are restored while the building behind is completely rebuilt to suit modern needs.  Opponents argue that culture and vitality are lost when older buildings are transformed in this matter, and can result in negative impacts to the neighbourhood.  Read the article by clicking  HERE.

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From flat to fabulous – 3 dimensional floor plans.

You have just bought a brand new condo and have the better part of 1- 2 years to look at the floor plan you were given and imagine how the space will actually look in your 3 dimensional world.      It is very difficult to look at a one-dimensional floor plan and accurately determine how your furniture, art, rugs and other household items will work in the space.  Well, imagine no more.  With 3D imaging, Grove is able to take any floor plan and turn it into a 3-dimensional rendering that will accurately portray your new space in a more user-friendly format.    To find out more, give us a call at 647-689-2454 or email us at info@groveinc.ca.


A Bridge over Holland Waters

“The biggest emotion is the bridge to optimism”, Brian May. 

3-D printing of a metal bridge in the Netherlands is a concept fast becoming a reality and truly a product of determination and optimism.  Read this fascinating story published on  weburbanist.com by clicking  here and sign up to receive our blog.





An Urban Tree House

We liked Erin Donnolley’s article for Azuremagazine.com  on a proposed  condominium project that architects believe Toronto would be the ideal location for.   The building would be constructed from sustainable materials in an offsite facility and transported as finished units and craned into place forming a Tree Tower.  The entire building would be clad in timber and each unit  would have a lush exterior patio garden with trees and vegetation to offer privacy and peaceful views alluding to a forestry exterior instead of the urban jungle it will be located in.  Read the entire article here  and sign up for our blog!


Help for Toronto’s Homeless Youth

Eva’s Phoenix is a much needed port in the storm for many of Toronto’s homeless youth. The art deco building at Richmond West and Portland has been transformed into a safe haven for many  youths wanting to break away from the cycle of homelessness.   By providing safe housing and training skills, Eva’s Phoenix offers shelter and a place to develop new skills,  for 50 youths for up to one year.    Read more about Eve’s Phoenix in the article by Catherine Osborne in a recent edition of Azure Magazine.   Read the story here.

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