How sweet it is!

While winter gives us another blast of the white stuff this week, why not get out there an enjoy what the end of this season does best – Maple Syrup.  The annual Sugar Beach Sugar Shack is a free event for all ages and offers 2 days of everything maple syrupy and beyond.  There will be maple syrup treats,  entertainment, warming stations, ice-carving and a variety of games for the young and young at heart.  The annual event hosted by Redpath will be happening March 9th and 10th.  Find out more here and then pack up the family and head on down for a sweet winter’s day.

Food Destination – Union Station

Transit users who have suffered through the seemingly never-ending Union Station renovation are finally able to reap some of the rewards.  In addition to a streamlined transit hub, Union Station has become a new food and retail destination for the thousands of people moving through its corridors every day.   While you can still grab some fast food and a quick coffee on the run, the options are more refined.   And, if you feel like kicking back and enjoying  a good meal in a nice space, you have that option too. Check out here what’s new in the food and retail end of things at Union.

The Ever-Changing Eaton Centre

The redevelopment of the Toronto Eaton Centre continues with the recent announcement of  the restoration and renovation  of the historic corner building at 2 Queen Street West.  The owners, Cadillac Fairview, have committed to restoring this beautiful  1880’s building in addition to adding 3 more storeys to the structure which will house, among other commercial businesses, a new restaurant and outdoor terrace.     For more on the upcoming renovation work, click here

A Blooming Good Time

Garden enthusiasts and lovers of flora should head on over to the Toronto Flower Market on Saturday, May 12th for it’s opening  day.  Founded in 2013, the market is a veritable feast of freshness, scent and colour.  For more information click here

Construction site makeovers

Thanks to The PATCH Project, dozens of Construction Sites in the city are sporting a creative front these days.  The initiative, driven by a city by-law that states  any construction site requiring hoarding on a public right of way must ensure that 50% of the hoarding be covered in artwork depicting community elements, is fueled by The PATCH Project, an off-shoot of The STEPS Initiative.  This award winning charitable organization is responsible for a number of inspiring creations throughout the city which reflect community values through art and culture.  Read more here

Mural magician

Even if you don’t have the need of a coin operated laundry facility, a trip to this Toronto institution is akin to a trip down Toronto’s memory lane.  With nods to the who’s who of Toronto, the city’s landmarks and childhood media memorabilia, the wall art in this laundromat landmark is worth the cost of the wash and spin dry.  Check out the story here and then check out the locale there.

It’s time to get walking


Walk 21 (short for Walking in the 21st Century) hosted an international conference in Calgary last week on the unhealthiness of people and the planet, and what needs to be done to fight this epidemic.  It comes down to redesigning cities to be more people friendly and less automotive dependent.  Andre Picard writes a thought provoking article for the Globe and Mail which promotes the move towards cohesive work and residential communities.   It starts with city planners and developers making  commitments to mixed use developments that bring people together and lessen the present day drudgery of commuting between work environment and home.  Spending more time in the community and less time in a vehicle getting to and from, is a step in the right direction.  Click HERE for the story.




The Argument for Congestion Charges in Urban Cores

Brandon Donnelly shared a video on his blog recently regarding Stockholm’s congestion charge to drivers in an effort to ease the traffic burden in its downtown core.  Toronto attempted and ultimately scrapped a program similar to this, perhaps without giving it the test of time.  Popularity for Stockholm’s program has increased dramatically and is breathing new life and funds into the city and its coffers stimulating not just the flow of traffic but the funds to improve existing infrastructure as well.  Read Brandon’s article with the video HERE.



The Future of bicycle parking.

While the controversy over bike lanes in our city continues to heat up, Utrecht, a City in the Netherlands embraces their love of biking while the city comes up with ingenious methods of housing the growing number of bicycles.   This parking garage offers an effective design to the increasing number of bicycles requiring areas to park in the urban core.  Read the full story here.  And don’t forget to sign up to receive our twice weekly blogs, for more interesting articles like this one.


Squatter’s Rights

We have all heard the term “squatter’s rights” and immediately conjure up images of persons of an undesirable nature moving into a vacant home or cottage and refusing to move out once discovered.  Many of us never think that squatters rights could affect the properties we currently own and live in.  Think again.  You may have squatters on your property right now and are not even aware of it.  Tim Duggan offers up some interesting facts concerning the conundrum surrounding this age-old legal principle which can still be cause for concern in property ownership today.  Find out more by reading Tim’s article here