A call for development

The City of Toronto has issued a call for development in its search for a partner to redevelop the Ontario Place lands.  We can only hope that creative minds come up with a revitalization plan that will treat this beautiful lakefront acreage with dignity.  Green space is imperative in the downtown core, and we must fight to preserve this historic space.  Find out more here.

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And Ontario Place Goes To…

While some iconic landscapes in Ontario are immediately recognized as needing the designation for heritage protection, Ontario Place is not one of them.  However that is exactly what  a group of concerned and watchful citizens are lobbying for.  Over and above the never-ending tug of war going on with this precious waterfront acreage, petitions are being circulated to have this downtown waterfront space deemed as a heritage location.  And why not?  It has served generations of Torontonians well over decades of use and unfortunately now, decay.

Most are poo-pooing Ford’s campaign to build a mega mall and/or casino in this beautiful parkland to tell the world that Toronto is “open for business”.  (Were we ever closed?)  The presentations and consultations and never ending proposals continue as many of the citizens of this city, would like to see more waterfront and less crane towers.  Read the article recently published in Blogto here.

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Light up the night

What better way to take the chill out of a cold winter evening than by bringing light into the picture.  This year, Ontario Place is playing host to a Winter Light Exhibition featuring the work of talented artists using light as a medium to produce interesting and unique art installations.

The exhibition is on from Nov. 23, 2018 until March 17, 2019.  For more information and a full list of the artists, click here.


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Hope for Ontario Place

The long anticipated revitalization of Ontario Place has been one of fits and starts.    The planners’ original “open by” date  of July 1, 2017 ( in time for Canada’s 150th birthday celebration),  has come and gone, and the park still remains a shadow of its former self.  The one exception is the re-imagined Trillium Park at the eastern edge.  A whole new landscape has been crafted to reveal beautiful walking trails, rain shelters, rock climbing areas, and plenty of places to just sit and relax.  The opening of Trillium Park is a welcome addition and the first step in breathing life back into Ontario Place.  We can’t wait to see the finished product.  Click on the link for the story and to sign up for our blog. Click here

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