The Bentway is ushering in its fall season with an art exhibition entitled “If But What If” that will run from September 11 – November 30th.  As part of this multi media installation, The Bentway has announced the inclusion of an extraordinary large scale light installation entitled WATERLICHT.   Using LED lighting and software, this magical show will serve to bring attention to the importance of clean water, environmental issues and climate change.  The simulation of blue waves under the Gardiner,  will be accompanied by a customized  soundscaping which will include stories of local civic figures, historic facts and artists.

Partnering up with The Bentway for this very significant event is the AGO, Ryerson University and the Ontario Climate Consortium amongst others.

To find out more information on the event, click here

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Exit the skaters, enter the skateboarders.  The Bentway Conservatory and Build for Bokma have joined forces to bring CITE – A Celebration of Skateboard Arts and Culture to The Bentway Skate Trail this summer.  Commencing June 30th, CITE is an art installation/skatepark featuring skateable sculptures, live music performances, skate demos, open skates and a bevy of fun things to do for the skateboard enthusiast.  Everything you need to know is right here.

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Update on the Bentway

Riding on the heels of the very successful Bentway Winter Skating park, the City of Toronto is gearing up for an equally entertaining summer under the Gardiner.   The Bentway Summer Bash and other outdoor events to be announced in the next few weeks, will extend this new community venue’s accessibility and usage throughout the year.  A number of art installations and music events are planned throughout the summer months.   For more info check out the Bentway or click here for information from Blog.to.

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The Bentway – going a longer way.

The recent surge of revitalization projects that the city has undertaken seems to be snowballing in a favourable direction.  With an additional 500K being infused into the the Bentway Skating Trail by a local developer, the project has been extended to Bathurst street and is slated to open January 6th.  This will be a welcome addition to the downtown core and an added attraction for out of town visitors.  Read more from blog.To ‘s Lisa Power HERE

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