Better biking

Toronto has been grappling with a constant debate over a few key concerns for bicyclists and drivers alike.  The recent addition of bicycle lanes on Woodbine Avenue have local residents and commuters using this north/south corridor fuming over reduced lanes and additional congestion, while the bicyclists are applauding the move as a long-overdue necessity.   As the debate over additional bicycle lanes throughout the city continues, so does the endless debate over what to do with the Gardiner Expressway.  Should it be leveled all together or turned into a green space for pedestrian traffic to enjoy amid the concrete jungle that borders each side, not unlike the Highline in New York City.

Perhaps City Planners should take a look at the city of Radbahn, Berlin for inspiration.  Instead of removing the vehicles on the Gardiner to make way for parkland, what about making parkland and bike lanes under the Gardiner, thereby creating safe passageway for bicyclists and pedestrians alike.  Of course, Lakeshore Boulevard would be collateral damage in an undertaking of this nature, but if we are ready to sacrifice vehicular traffic on the elevated, why not the underbelly?

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