A slice of the pie for Toronto


Toronto is set to receive $87 million of the Federal Government’s $40 billion budget set aside for their 10 year National Housing Strategy.  The program is committed to increasing the supply of affordable rental units through this funding.  The funding has been slated to fund a 16 storey  building in Toronto’s west ends.  Find out more about this initiative here.


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Affordable Housing coming to a downtown neighbourhood

The project being built near the Canary and Distillery Districts will consist of 761 market rental apartment units, 30% being affordable rentals which will be indistinguishable in their design.  The 3 buildings are a collaboration between the Danish Architectural Firm,  COBE , as well as a client group who have commissioned them to design a multi-use residential development.

The plans for the development is sensitive to the  community needs and the surrounding neighbourhoods with  the emphasis on building a residential, recreational and commercial environment.

Read about this upcoming development here

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Protecting our history

As extensive development continues to be the norm in and around the GTA, it is important that our buildings and lands of heritage are recognized, preserved and integrated into the master plan.  To lose these testaments to our past, to our city and its people, would be  a great loss for today’s generation and generations to come.   The concerns of Toronto’s citizens prompted a 2 year study into the heritage narrative culminating in a recently released State of Heritage report which addresses many of the issues at hand with heritage sites, and how the concern for preservation must envelope the whole of the GTA and not just the downtown core.   Read the report here to see what their findings are.

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Sand, Water and Cinema.

What could be better on a warm summer evening than watching a movie on a large outside screen?  The answer, watching it on a large floating outside screen.  Toronto’s Sail-In Cinema is back, this year on August 10th and 11th, offering a unique experience for both boating enthusiasts and landlubbers alike.

Swing on down to Cherry Beach by boat or by land and enjoy an evening of free entertainment courtesy of Ports Toronto.

For more information, click here

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The CN Tower gets a facelift

Toronto’s most iconic landmark has undergone an extensive facelift just in time for its 42nd birthday.  Placing accessibility at the forefront, the renovations have included window walls along with a vast array of other upgrades to allow visitors with restricted abilities to enjoy the views and the observation level.  Go to the CN Tower’s website or click here for more info.

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Along for the Ride

Love them or hate them, the momentum for barrier protected bicycle lanes on congested thruways is gaining ground.  In a city where rush hour traffic seems to run 20 hours a day,  the desire of commuters who favour two wheels instead of four is reasonable, however those commuters who choose and/or require the use of a vehicle for their daily responsibilities may argue the unfairness of taking away what was previously dedicated for their sole usage.  It appears finding happy ground in this urban debate is still a long way off.  Read more here about the permanent bicycle tract proposed for the Prince Edward Viaduct as well as Richard Florida’s article entitled “Toronto’s Deadly Car Crisis” in a recent issue of Medium.


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Within Striking Distance

Certain topics re-appear in this blog as their importance and significance to the city ebbs and flows.  One such subject matter is City Council’s debate over the issue of allowing Laneway Housing to proceed from wishful thinking to rubber-stamping.  As Edward Keenan of the Toronto Star reported on June 6, 2018, it would appear that the city is within striking distance of council approval and, as the motion has been put forward the anticipation is building.

While not a cure-all for the rental crisis, it is a step in the right direction allowing homeowners to renovate and re-purpose dilapidated and unused sheds and garages into viable rental units.    Not only does this benefit the owners in gaining income to help pay their own living expenses, but offers diverse options to mid-income renters in search of a neighborhood dynamic.  Breathing new life into often times run-down garages and out-buildings, seems to be a win-win situation for owners and prospective tenants alike.  And thankfully, City Council appears poised to push the button. Read more here

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Redpath Waterfront Festival

This great city of ours has no shortage of summertime events to enjoy and participate in, and the Redpath Waterfront Festival is no exception.  With food and drink, a circus, outdoor market, beach balls and even the navy thrown in for good measure, this is definitely one not to be missed.  On from June 22 – June 24th, find all you need to know here.

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