The Bentway – going a longer way.

The recent surge of revitalization projects that the city has undertaken seems to be snowballing in a favourable direction.  With an additional 500K being infused into the the Bentway Skating Trail by a local developer, the project has been extended to Bathurst street and is slated to open January 6th.  This will be a welcome addition to the downtown core and an added attraction for out of town visitors.  Read more from blog.To ‘s Lisa Power HERE

Breaking the ice at Queens Quay

With our first real snowfall this week, the city seems to be rejuvenated from the dull winter blahs.  Snow has a way of lifting our Canadian spirits and starts us on the road to  winter activities.    The upcoming Ice Breakers Art Competition is a good way to get out and enjoy the season after the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over.  Set to take centre stage in January 2018,  this exciting art installation will brighten the shores at Queens Quay while showcasing interactive works of art by  international talent.  For more information click  HERE


How Green It Is

Toronto Council has voted in favour of proceeding with the planning stages of the rail-deck park to be built across the rail corridor from Bathurst to Blue Jays Way.  The long-standing debate on this ambitious project has been passionate on both sides, but in a recent council meeting the vote landed a 36-4 result in favour of the plan.  With an estimated price tag of $1.665 billion dollars, the intentions are to enhance Toronto’s reputation as a world-class city by offering a city centre green space that can be enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.   For more on this endeavor read HERE



A win for Airbnb in Toronto

Airbnb or Fairbnb?  Critics are crying foul with the recent news that Airbnb has joined forces with a Toronto condo building making it the first to allow airbnb rentals throughout the entire building.  Buildings that were designed to be condos do not have the same zoning by-laws,  design requirements, or tax burdens as hotels and many feel that this new partnership will lead to a further decline in affordable rental units available to city residents.  Whichever side you are on, the reality is that airbnb is not going anywhere.  People like it, just as they like UBER, because they work.  Now  it is time to iron out the kinks in the infrastructure to make it an entity everyone can live with.   Read more on this landmark move HERE




T.O. 2022

An article by Jack Landau for envisions what the Toronto skyline will look like in 2022 should all planned and under construction developments in the downtown core be approved and proceed to completion.  Read the full story HERE 

Restoration of Massey Hall

Over its 123 year History, Massey Hall has become one of the most iconic venues the city has to showcase local and international talent.  As the building’s popularity stayed on course, the structure itself has not aged gracefully over the years.   Until recently, restoration processes have not always fared favourably to this grand dame of architecture, prompting the Province of Ontario to infuse an additional $4 million to bring back the aging structure to its formidably elegant self once again.  We look forward to seeing the end result of this vast undertaking in the years to come.  Read more at by clicking HERE

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Rising Above

The Globe and Mail published an interesting article by Marcus Gee on the rise of the “YIMBY” (Yes In My Back Yard), movement as it relates to urban sprawl and the near-critical need for the city of Toronto to allow developers to build upwards in residential communities.   While some residents (“NIMBY’s”, Not In My Back Yard), fight tirelessly to ensure their enclaves are protected from the construction of seemingly obtrusive hi-rise condominium or rental units, others are embracing the vertical footprint for the increased density and ability to affordably house the ever growing population searching for housing in the downtown core.  The YIMBY’s are banding together to support hi-rise construction in residential areas and are  bringing attention to the need to bring more housing into the core.  They recognize the ever growing urban sprawl which has an increasing number of commuters spending grueling hours on a daily commute as a result of unaffordable housing in the downtown neighbourhoods.  There are compelling points of view on both sides of the debate, to read more, click here

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Better biking

Toronto has been grappling with a constant debate over a few key concerns for bicyclists and drivers alike.  The recent addition of bicycle lanes on Woodbine Avenue have local residents and commuters using this north/south corridor fuming over reduced lanes and additional congestion, while the bicyclists are applauding the move as a long-overdue necessity.   As the debate over additional bicycle lanes throughout the city continues, so does the endless debate over what to do with the Gardiner Expressway.  Should it be leveled all together or turned into a green space for pedestrian traffic to enjoy amid the concrete jungle that borders each side, not unlike the Highline in New York City.

Perhaps City Planners should take a look at the city of Radbahn, Berlin for inspiration.  Instead of removing the vehicles on the Gardiner to make way for parkland, what about making parkland and bike lanes under the Gardiner, thereby creating safe passageway for bicyclists and pedestrians alike.  Of course, Lakeshore Boulevard would be collateral damage in an undertaking of this nature, but if we are ready to sacrifice vehicular traffic on the elevated, why not the underbelly?

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The Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology (EDIT) will host its inaugural event from September 28 – October 8, 2017 at the home of the former Unilever Soap Factory.  The 50,000 sq. ft venue will host a wide range of events, demonstrations, installations and workshops showcasing sustainable development in every form.  Guest speakers  Dr. David Suzuki and Leslie Woo are  among a vast array of  personalities who will talk on global issues and the movement towards advancing the human condition.  For more information and to purchase tickets check out their website by clicking here

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Toronto Takes Fourth.

Toronto Takes Fourth.

Great news!  It turns out Toronto has a high ranking as one of the world’s most livable cities.  Read the story by clicking here