Generating new life from an old plant.

For those of us who enjoy boating on Lake Ontario, the Mississauga Coal Generating Plant along with its “4 Sisters”,  as the smoke stacks were affectionately called, was a source of directional aid to many a mariner.  Visible from as far away as Welland on a sunny day, the sisters served as an important navigational tool, directing many a captain home.

With its demise in 2006 when the stacks were detonated and crumbled to the ground, the plans immediately shifted to new development covering nearly 200 acres.  An architectural company has now been awarded the contract and preliminary designs and plans are being introduced.

When the coal plant shut down, many felt the “sisters” should have been allowed to remain and incorporated into any future development plans as a homage to this past era.  However  it was not to be and the new development will be a welcome refurbishment for a long neglected portion of the city’s waterfront.   Read about the plans here in Canadian Architect Magazine.

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