Grove Inc.’s design engineers can help homeowners create their renovation dreams through 3D imaging.  Using the  most basic of floor plans or just simple measurements, we can produce three dimensional renderings that help you understand, down to the finest detail, what your finished space will look like.  Our team of Professional Engineers and Architectural Technologists can also help with obtaining permits for your upcoming renovation.  For more information, call and speak with one of our design engineers, or email us at

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From flat to fabulous – 3 dimensional floor plans.

You have just bought a brand new condo and have the better part of 1- 2 years to look at the floor plan you were given and imagine how the space will actually look in your 3 dimensional world.      It is very difficult to look at a one-dimensional floor plan and accurately determine how your furniture, art, rugs and other household items will work in the space.  Well, imagine no more.  With 3D imaging, Grove is able to take any floor plan and turn it into a 3-dimensional rendering that will accurately portray your new space in a more user-friendly format.    To find out more, give us a call at 647-689-2454 or email us at


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