Bringing back the Glory Days

The restoration of Massey Hall received an early Christmas present this year with the announcement of a major influx of funds from both the Federal and Provincial governments.  Along with private and corporate funding, the 60 million added to the Massey Hall restoration coffers is a much needed boost to ensure this significant piece of Toronto’s History is restored back to its former glory.  Read more here


Restoration of Massey Hall

Over its 123 year History, Massey Hall has become one of the most iconic venues the city has to showcase local and international talent.  As the building’s popularity stayed on course, the structure itself has not aged gracefully over the years.   Until recently, restoration processes have not always fared favourably to this grand dame of architecture, prompting the Province of Ontario to infuse an additional $4 million to bring back the aging structure to its formidably elegant self once again.  We look forward to seeing the end result of this vast undertaking in the years to come.  Read more at by clicking HERE

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