Sidewalk Labs Toronto has opened it’s arms to the general public to share ideas, engage in discussions as well as educate the curious, with interactive workshops and demonstrations.  Inviting the community in to share ideas is a sound formula for getting the community behind such an ambitious project which is aiming to give birth to a new generation of accessible cities.

Sidewalk Toronto 307 is an interactive experience utilizing a large experimental work space to get people talking and sharing their ideas.  Open every weekend to the public, it is informative, educational, entertaining and worth the trip down to 307 Lakeshore St. E.   Find out more here

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A setback for Sidewalk Labs

The proposal deadline  for  Quayside District, a joint venture between Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto has been postponed until next spring.  Plans for the ambitious project which is touted to be a city within a city encompassing 12 acres of a former industrial site at the waterfront, has been delayed to give the partners additional time to more accurately reflect the consultants findings and to give careful consideration of the public’s feedback.  Details can be found here

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