Help for Toronto’s Homeless Youth

Eva’s Phoenix is a much needed port in the storm for many of Toronto’s homeless youth. The art deco building at Richmond West and Portland has been transformed into a safe haven for many  youths wanting to break away from the cycle of homelessness.   By providing safe housing and training skills, Eva’s Phoenix offers shelter and a place to develop new skills,  for 50 youths for up to one year.    Read more about Eve’s Phoenix in the article by Catherine Osborne in a recent edition of Azure Magazine.   Read the story here.

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Spring is in the air

Spring subtly tiptoed in at 6:58 yesterday morning.  In reality though the first full 24 hours of unmitigated, absolute “Springdom” is today, March 21st.   And as the sun pours down upon us, the Kingston Road Village flower markets are all bursting in colourful displays of scented loveliness with promises of beautiful and aromatic flora to grace every room of your home.  Shopping local benefits you, your merchants and the neighbourhood as a whole.

Check them out.



When The Wind Blows

With spring less than a week away, Mother Nature decided to have a little bit of fun by throwing another winter wallop at us yesterday.    Snow, bitter cold and extreme high winds were the order of the day and those type of weather conditions can wreak havoc on a construction schedule.

Yesterday, our Beech House project was forced to shut down operation of the crane due to high winds and freezing rain and snow.  Temperatures of less than minus 16 and winds over 55 kms per hour mandate the shutting down of the crane for safety concerns.   At this stage of the build, the crane is an integral player on the field and its inability to operate safely virtually brings the whole site to a grinding halt.   Many factors are taken into account regarding the operation of a crane under adverse conditions including but not limited to temperatures, wind, precipitation, as well as load dimensions and weight.  Safety First necessitates prudence in these matters.  Twenty-Four hours later and we are back up and running and looking forward to a gentler Mother Nature in the weeks to come.