Beech House Update

The Beech House project will be topping out soon which signifies another major milestone in the construction process. The 6th floor has been poured and windows are being installed.  As well, the YMCA contractors are gearing up to commence work on their space while at the same time finishes are being chosen by the suite owners.

We are all looking forward to seeing the daily progress as we get closer each day to occupancy.

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Beech House hits a Milestone!

We love reporting updates on our Beech House project and this one is particularly  newsworthy.  The second floor slab has been poured which effectively completes the YMCA portion of the structural build.  From here on, the condominium floors will rise rapidly above as The Beech House residential units take shape.   Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for more exciting updates on the project.

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Out of the ground!

Construction on The Beech House has  reached another milestone.  We are out of the ground and at the first floor level!  We are now looking forward to reaching the second floor within 8 weeks.   We know everyone is excited to pick their finishes and it won’t be long before we will be scheduling everyone to do just that.  We have put in place, a design firm who will be contacting each buyer individually and assisting in this process.

We are all very excited at the construction progress and will keep posting milestone events on our blog.  Sign up below so you don’t miss any.

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A Clearer Vision thanks to 3D Renderings

Buying a new home or condo has always left something to the imagination when envisioning exactly how the end product will translate into actual living space.  Due to limitations of  one-dimensional floor plans, picturing the layout of your living space could be somewhat uninspiring.  Thankfully, 3-D architectural software has changed all that.  We are now able to offer our customers digital renderings of not only the exterior but the interior of their spaces to allow for finishes, appliances, furniture and even placement of artwork to be presented in a 3-dimensional format.  It is virtually, the next best thing to be there!

Give us a call or email to ask about converting your drawings into 3-D reality.


Our Beech House project is progressing well and we are anticipating reaching the 1st floor level by late summer.  We are looking forward to the building shell being up and enclosed by early 2018.    The team is  working diligently to qualify the Beech House for the Toronto Tier II Green Standard and we are all excited to be  part of this green initiative.   This voluntary commitment to higher environmental standards than the mandatory Tier I Green Standard has a rigorous list of must-do’s in order to qualify.   To read more on this program,  click here

We will be posting monthly updates on the progress of construction, so check our Blog page regularly to keep updated and informed!

Beech House Construction Update

Construction on our Beech House project is on track and residents can look forward to a tentative Fall 2018 occupancy.  The aerial shot above was taken April 2, 2017 and shows the progress being made as concrete is poured and the building gradually rises out of the ground.   Keep watching our blog for regular updates on the construction progress.


YMCA coming soon

The YMCA is pumped for its opening of their newest location in 2018.  With over 60,000 sq. ft. of space occupying the ground floor of The Beech House condos at 907 Kingston Road, this new facility will have so much to offer the community when it opens its shiny new doors!  Grove Inc. is proud to be a part of this very exciting project.  Find out more about this fabulous new development by clicking here



When The Wind Blows

With spring less than a week away, Mother Nature decided to have a little bit of fun by throwing another winter wallop at us yesterday.    Snow, bitter cold and extreme high winds were the order of the day and those type of weather conditions can wreak havoc on a construction schedule.

Yesterday, our Beech House project was forced to shut down operation of the crane due to high winds and freezing rain and snow.  Temperatures of less than minus 16 and winds over 55 kms per hour mandate the shutting down of the crane for safety concerns.   At this stage of the build, the crane is an integral player on the field and its inability to operate safely virtually brings the whole site to a grinding halt.   Many factors are taken into account regarding the operation of a crane under adverse conditions including but not limited to temperatures, wind, precipitation, as well as load dimensions and weight.  Safety First necessitates prudence in these matters.  Twenty-Four hours later and we are back up and running and looking forward to a gentler Mother Nature in the weeks to come.