Digging up the past

An unprecedented excavation site in Amsterdam revealed hundreds of years of artifacts dating from the early 1300’s to present day.  The site of a new metro line which saw a portion of the Amstel River being drained,  uncovered over 17,000 objects which have been photographed and catalogued by archaelogists.  From a boat hook circa 1300 – 1625,  to 21st century items such as ID cards, coins, dentures and yes, even lost marbles, all can be viewed in the Below the Surface website here. 


Cool Design

Sad that winter has bid farewell for another year?  If you have not quite had enough of the cool climes and yearn for a little more ice and snow, a trip to the new Ice Hotel 365, located a mere 200 kms north of the Arctic Circle might be the answer.  Read how this iconic hotel creates ice magic.  Click here


A Boost for Toronto Tourism

The newest Monocle Travel Guide Series showcases our own fair city of Toronto.  You can pick it up from Monocle’s website here.  Check out this great video below promoting the new guide.