Permit Us

Often the process of permit procurement can be a daunting task without the proper drawings in place.  A homeowner may feel overwhelmed by the process necessary to obtain a permit to renovate or add onto an existing home.  Grove’s team of engineering professionals can provide expert advice and prepare permit-ready drawings from the simplest deck to a custom renovation.  Call or email today for information on how we can help you with your renovation plans.

How Green it Is


The impact of global warming is happening now, and Grove Project Management is proud of our commitment to ensuring our projects meet and exceed current environmental standards and recommendations.  Our Fallingbrook project located on Kingston Road in the Beach, is one such project which successfully incorporated a green roof into the design.  The project which was completed in 2009, was the first condominium building on Kingston Road to effectively integrate green roof technology into its build.    Science is still perfecting this technology every day and Grove will be striving to utilize this vital tool while incorporating other key green standards into current and future projects.

Read here how the University of Toronto’s GRIT lab are working to perfect Green Roof technology to adapt to different building applications, as the ever changing growth of the city demands.



Canada brings home the Gold for Copper.

The North American Copper in Architecture awards were recently handed out and Canadians proudly brought home a total  of 5 awards in three categories, New Construction, Restoration and Ornamental.  The beauty and sustainable characteristics of copper showcase the viability of this material in both contemporary and traditional applications.  Find out which  Canadian buildings won recognition here 


3D Printed Houses

3D printing has been growing in leaps and bounds as a variety of industries and entrepreneurs find more and more creative uses for this remarkable technology.  But would you live in a “printed house”?  Here is a great article on the future of construction and the 3D path it may be taking in the not too distant future.  Click on the link below for the story.

Doors Open Toronto

The 18th annual  Doors Open Toronto will be occurring on May 27 and May 28.  With a nod to Canada’s 150th anniversary, the event’s theme this year is “15 Decades of Canadian Architecture” showcasing historically significant buildings rarely open to the public.  For more information on the event and buildings showcased, click here.



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King Edward’s Crystal Ballroom

Perhaps some of the best news of late concerning restoration and renewal of by-gone era venues, is that of the complete refurbishment of the magnificent Crystal Ballroom in the King Edward Hotel.  This section of the iconic King Eddy was forced to shut down in 1979 as it failed to meet with the city’s building codes at the time.

There has been much anticipation surrounding the unveiling of this beautiful space which may have been lost to us for well over 3 decades, but has returned in all its former glory.  Read the article from the Toronto Star here to find out more.


Magnificent in Monterrey

This fabulous hillside home is perched in the beautiful hills overlooking the Mexican city of Monterrey.  Take a look at the sleek lines and stunning architecture of this Las Angelesque beauty!  Click here for more pictures.