And the Award Goes To…

For the second consecutive year, Diamond Schmitt Architects has won the Office Development of the Year Award for the new Globe and Mail Centre.  The unique building design featuring shifting floor plates and 10 ft high windows is located east of the downtown core in the up and coming St. Lawrence neighbourhood.  Find out more here.

It’s time to get walking


Walk 21 (short for Walking in the 21st Century) hosted an international conference in Calgary last week on the unhealthiness of people and the planet, and what needs to be done to fight this epidemic.  It comes down to redesigning cities to be more people friendly and less automotive dependent.  Andre Picard writes a thought provoking article for the Globe and Mail which promotes the move towards cohesive work and residential communities.   It starts with city planners and developers making  commitments to mixed use developments that bring people together and lessen the present day drudgery of commuting between work environment and home.  Spending more time in the community and less time in a vehicle getting to and from, is a step in the right direction.  Click HERE for the story.