Toronto Port Lands Redevelopment

The much awaited announcement that the Toronto Port Lands development proposal has finally been given the go-ahead to proceed was welcome news  for city planners and private developers alike.  With a much needed flood protection plan in place,  construction of what is promised to be a virtually new downtown community is set to start materializing over the next few years.  Accommodating residential units, parklands and businesses, this $1.25 billion dollar project has been rubber-stamped and the work is moving from the boardroom to the site. Read Edward Keenan’s article from the Toronto Star on this exciting project here


West Don Lands Project receives worldwide recognition

Finalists have been named for the Urban Land Institute’s Global Awards for Excellence and Toronto’s own West Don Lands is among this prestigious group.  A mixed-use development, the West Don Lands rejuvenation has a lot to be proud of.   A pedestrian focused community with parks, housing for a diverse demographic, transit, accessibility, and a YMCA community centre are all comfortably integrated into a sustainable environment.   With developers around the globe vying for an opportunity to be recognized for this award, Toronto has much to be proud of for this internationally acclaimed success.

More on ULI’s nomination of this redevelopment can be found by reading here

Click here to learn more about the diversity of this waterfront community of Toronto.


Net Zero Construction

We found an interesting article by Patrick Sisson regarding Net Zero building standards and its substantial growth in North America.  Net Zero refers to sustainable construction where the  goal is to have the building produce as much energy as it uses.   More than 8,000 new units were built across US and Canada last year and the numbers continue to rise.  Click here to read more on this exciting initiative.






Our Beech House project is progressing well and we are anticipating reaching the 1st floor level by late summer.  We are looking forward to the building shell being up and enclosed by early 2018.    The team is  working diligently to qualify the Beech House for the Toronto Tier II Green Standard and we are all excited to be  part of this green initiative.   This voluntary commitment to higher environmental standards than the mandatory Tier I Green Standard has a rigorous list of must-do’s in order to qualify.   To read more on this program,  click here

We will be posting monthly updates on the progress of construction, so check our Blog page regularly to keep updated and informed!

GM Mobility Hub

GM has submitted plans for a 7 acre, 882,540 sq. ft. centre on Eastern Avenue with front facings to Lakeshore Avenue East.   The development will house 2 GM dealerships, a sales and marketing centre, research and development facilities as well as a service centre.  It will also be able to accommodate 3,000 new jobs.  Find out more by clicking here