The Music of Architecture

It is a staggering truth that only 1% of all licensed architects in the US identify as Afro Americans.  The profession is vastly underrepresented by persons of minority backgrounds, but thankfully, architect Michael Ford and musicians such as Kanye West, Solange Knowles and Pharrell Williams are using their celebrity status to promote the field of architecture and encourage the creative energy in kids to think outside the box when choosing their occupational path.

Eleanor Gibson of, sat down with Michael Ford to discuss the work being done to increase diversity in the architecture and design industries.   Read the story and interview HERE.

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Frank Gehry on affordable design

At the ULI fall conference, world renowned, (and Canadian born) architect, Frank Gehry spoke to his audience about the role architects play today and the fundamental importance of working with developers to achieve great design at affordable prices.  Gehry gave sound advice on how the team aspect of developer and architect is imperative and that new technology should be utilized and continually improved to reduce waste and cost overruns.  At 88 years old, Gehry continues to design innovative, and edgy buildings proving his theories time and again while cementing his status as one of the world’s greatest living architects.  Read the full story on Gehry’s talk HERE

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An Urban Tree House

We liked Erin Donnolley’s article for  on a proposed  condominium project that architects believe Toronto would be the ideal location for.   The building would be constructed from sustainable materials in an offsite facility and transported as finished units and craned into place forming a Tree Tower.  The entire building would be clad in timber and each unit  would have a lush exterior patio garden with trees and vegetation to offer privacy and peaceful views alluding to a forestry exterior instead of the urban jungle it will be located in.  Read the entire article here  and sign up for our blog!

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Permit Us

Often the process of permit procurement can be a daunting task without the proper drawings in place.  A homeowner may feel overwhelmed by the process necessary to obtain a permit to renovate or add onto an existing home.  Grove’s team of engineering professionals can provide expert advice and prepare permit-ready drawings from the simplest deck to a custom renovation.  Call or email today for information on how we can help you with your renovation plans.

Net Zero Construction

We found an interesting article by Patrick Sisson regarding Net Zero building standards and its substantial growth in North America.  Net Zero refers to sustainable construction where the  goal is to have the building produce as much energy as it uses.   More than 8,000 new units were built across US and Canada last year and the numbers continue to rise.  Click here to read more on this exciting initiative.





How Green it Is


The impact of global warming is happening now, and Grove Project Management is proud of our commitment to ensuring our projects meet and exceed current environmental standards and recommendations.  Our Fallingbrook project located on Kingston Road in the Beach, is one such project which successfully incorporated a green roof into the design.  The project which was completed in 2009, was the first condominium building on Kingston Road to effectively integrate green roof technology into its build.    Science is still perfecting this technology every day and Grove will be striving to utilize this vital tool while incorporating other key green standards into current and future projects.

Read here how the University of Toronto’s GRIT lab are working to perfect Green Roof technology to adapt to different building applications, as the ever changing growth of the city demands.




Our Beech House project is progressing well and we are anticipating reaching the 1st floor level by late summer.  We are looking forward to the building shell being up and enclosed by early 2018.    The team is  working diligently to qualify the Beech House for the Toronto Tier II Green Standard and we are all excited to be  part of this green initiative.   This voluntary commitment to higher environmental standards than the mandatory Tier I Green Standard has a rigorous list of must-do’s in order to qualify.   To read more on this program,  click here

We will be posting monthly updates on the progress of construction, so check our Blog page regularly to keep updated and informed!

Thinking outside the book

In the March/April 2017 edition of Urbanland Magazine, the Scarborough Civic Centre library was recognized as one of the top 10 public libraries worldwide for improving links to the community while enhancing the pedestrian realm.

A collaborative design by three top Toronto architectural firms, the 100th branch of the Toronto Public Library opened its doors in 2015 after much anticipation by the community.  The wait was well worth it.  The design consists of 4 long, horizontal units each topped with a vegetated roof.  Clerestory windows provide views of the ornamental plantings, and expansive glazing and high ceilings stream in the daylight.  Connected to the civic centre by a new walkway, the library is a welcomed addition to this diversified community.

We are excited to see one of our city’s unique architectural gems being recognized alongside its counterparts worldwide.  For more information on the library, click here


Canada brings home the Gold for Copper.

The North American Copper in Architecture awards were recently handed out and Canadians proudly brought home a total  of 5 awards in three categories, New Construction, Restoration and Ornamental.  The beauty and sustainable characteristics of copper showcase the viability of this material in both contemporary and traditional applications.  Find out which  Canadian buildings won recognition here 


The Masonic Temple

With The Concert Hall at the Masonic Temple slated to reopen this June, we thought a little history on this iconic building was in order.  We found this great article written by Doug Taylor a few years ago giving the reader better insight into the foundations of this beautiful building. Check it out here.