3D Printed Houses

3D printing has been growing in leaps and bounds as a variety of industries and entrepreneurs find more and more creative uses for this remarkable technology.  But would you live in a “printed house”?  Here is a great article on the future of construction and the 3D path it may be taking in the not too distant future.  Click on the link below for the story.


Beech House Construction Update

Construction on our Beech House project is on track and residents can look forward to a tentative Fall 2018 occupancy.  The aerial shot above was taken April 2, 2017 and shows the progress being made as concrete is poured and the building gradually rises out of the ground.   Keep watching our blog for regular updates on the construction progress.

Urban Repair

Chief City Planner, Jennifer Keesmaat speaks to the issue of “urban repair” in an article in the National Observer.  Her thoughts on regaining whole communities, reducing arduous commutes, and lessening the ever-increasing problem of congestion in the core are insightful and informative.  Read more on how Ms. Keesmaat identifies the problems and offers viable, albeit measured solutions to the problems the City of Toronto and its bordering communities are experiencing. The article can be found here.


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Home is where the pool is

Using modified shipping containers, a Canadian company, Modpools, has come up with an innovative product which re-purposes old shipping containers into inexpensive, fast installation alternatives to the traditional in- ground or above-ground pool.  Check out the product here






Grove Inc. is going through a big change this summer! Please subscribe to our mailing list to keep updated on the good news!

Doors Open Toronto

The 18th annual  Doors Open Toronto will be occurring on May 27 and May 28.  With a nod to Canada’s 150th anniversary, the event’s theme this year is “15 Decades of Canadian Architecture” showcasing historically significant buildings rarely open to the public.  For more information on the event and buildings showcased, click here.



Grove Inc. is going through a big change this summer! Please subscribe to our mailing list to keep updated on the good news!

Toronto’s Farmer’s Markets

One of the best ways to get to know a city, either as a local or as a visitor passing through,  is to visit one of Toronto’s many neighbourhood Farmer’s Markets.  Each unique in its diversity of food, artisanal bakeries, arts and crafts and general well being, a visit to one of the local markets is a must do.  In addition to the larger, more popular venues such as the St. Lawrence, Evergreen Brickworks and Nathan Phillips Square, there are many small, intimate, neighbourhood and seasonal pop up markets for everyone to enjoy.  For a comprehensive list, click here

Day Tripping

With the warm weather on our doorstep, it’s time to explore the many beautiful parks and cityscapes that our city has to offer.  A great place to start is the Toronto Islands.  Haven’t been lately?  You’re not alone.  It’s surprising how many GTA residents overlook this gem of real estate when searching for a leisurely day away from the hot steaming sidewalks and air conditioned malls.  A short ferry ride will drop you at one of the islands’ ferry docks where you have your choice of activities from an amusement park to picnicking, bike riding, fine or casual dining and so much more.  It is an affordable stay-cation that is too often overlooked.  And while you may not be able to see the Hanlan’s Point  “Diving Horse” attraction any longer, there are endless possibilities of leisurely fun and activity just waiting for you to discover.  For more information click  here  



Looking forward to…

Toronto eastenders have a lot to look forward to in 2017 with regards to a resurgence of cultural and arts venues and events.  Now Magazine did a great article on what the residents east of the Don can look forward to in the coming months as their neighbourhoods come alive with restored venues and a vibrant art scene.  Check out what’s coming here


King Edward’s Crystal Ballroom

Perhaps some of the best news of late concerning restoration and renewal of by-gone era venues, is that of the complete refurbishment of the magnificent Crystal Ballroom in the King Edward Hotel.  This section of the iconic King Eddy was forced to shut down in 1979 as it failed to meet with the city’s building codes at the time.

There has been much anticipation surrounding the unveiling of this beautiful space which may have been lost to us for well over 3 decades, but has returned in all its former glory.  Read the article from the Toronto Star here to find out more.


Grove is Growing!

Grove is currently looking for enthusiastic people to join our growing team of professionals. Check out our careers section here for current job postings and an opportunity to work on exciting projects in a dynamic environment.


Beach Studio Tour

The annual Spring Beach Studio Tour is happening May 5 – 7th.  This is your opportunity to pick up some unique creations from local artists who open their homes and studios to to the community to showcase and sell their works of art.  Enjoy a lovely day in the neighbourhood and meet some interesting people while supporting our local economy!   For more information, click here


Magnificent in Monterrey

This fabulous hillside home is perched in the beautiful hills overlooking the Mexican city of Monterrey.  Take a look at the sleek lines and stunning architecture of this Las Angelesque beauty!  Click here for more pictures.


Cool Design

Sad that winter has bid farewell for another year?  If you have not quite had enough of the cool climes and yearn for a little more ice and snow, a trip to the new Ice Hotel 365, located a mere 200 kms north of the Arctic Circle might be the answer.  Read how this iconic hotel creates ice magic.  Click here


Renovation vs. relocation

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few months, you have undoubtedly been inundated with a barrage of information on the “crazy” Toronto housing market.  Real estate prices have increased in staggering proportions resulting in a virtually untouchable housing market for first time buyers as well as home owners looking to up-size.   While the government looks into ways of remedying the first-time home buyer crises, many current home owners are choosing renovation over relocation to give them the home of their dreams, at a price they can afford.

Check out this link to get an insiders perspective on why renovating is on the rise.  Then contact Grove to discuss why renovation could be right for you!



A Boost for Toronto Tourism

The newest Monocle Travel Guide Series showcases our own fair city of Toronto.  You can pick it up from Monocle’s website here.  Check out this great video below promoting the new guide.



Coming soon

We found an interesting article  in Friday’s Toronto Star regarding bike concessions coming soon to Ashbridge’s Bay Park as part of the City’s initiative to enhance recreational cycling.  Check out the article  by clicking here


Toronto Landmark Up For Sale

If you are a resident of Toronto, undoubtedly you have driven by this unusual structure hundreds of times and each time wondered what it was all about.   The iconic cube structure perched high above terra firma located at Eastern Avenue and Adelaide is a 3 unit apartment building that is currently up for sale and some speculate could sell for $4 million or more.  Interested in purchasing a piece of Toronto’s history?  Find out more in the Toronto Star’s article  by clicking here




YMCA coming soon

The YMCA is pumped for its opening of their newest location in 2018.  With over 60,000 sq. ft. of space occupying the ground floor of The Beech House condos at 907 Kingston Road, this new facility will have so much to offer the community when it opens its shiny new doors!  Grove Inc. is proud to be a part of this very exciting project.  Find out more about this fabulous new development by clicking here