Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall will be speaking Friday, April 12, at Ryerson University.  It is a rare engagement for our city to host the world’s most renowned champion of chimps.  Having dedicated her entire life to the understanding and relationship of this magnificent species, she will also be addressing environmental issues and humanitarian struggles around the world.  For more information, click here.




Affordable Housing coming to a downtown neighbourhood

The project being built near the Canary and Distillery Districts will consist of 761 market rental apartment units, 30% being affordable rentals which will be indistinguishable in their design.  The 3 buildings are a collaboration between the Danish Architectural Firm,  COBE , as well as a client group who have commissioned them to design a multi-use residential development.

The plans for the development is sensitive to the  community needs and the surrounding neighbourhoods with  the emphasis on building a residential, recreational and commercial environment.

Read about this upcoming development here

Wooden buildings on the rise

With wood construction mid-rise buildings becoming more and more “de rigeur”,  the race is on to see which building will be completed first to gain the recognition as the tallest modern mass timber building in Canada.

77 Wade is the newest building in the running to produce a beautiful commercial space using this ever growing trend.  Read the article here from Canadian Architect.

Is help on the way for first time home buyers?

The Federal government tabled their new budget  this month which among other things,  promises tax incentives to first time home buyers in the GTA.  While applauded by some, others feel the restrictions are still too stringent, i.e. the cost of buying a new home in the first place and the stipulations attached to the governments proposal.  It remains to be seen how many people will be able to realize their dreams of owning their own home with these new government incentives, however it is a step in the right direction.  Read Brandon Donnelly’s take on the new measures here


From Metal to Market

A new downtown market is being erected at Bathurst and Lakeshore which will be a temporary home for retail stores, restaurants and bars.   The space which is currently slated by the city to be turned into a large downtown park and recreational area,  has been leased for a 2 year period to Stackd, in the interim. The market will be made up entirely of shipping containers which are easy to install and easy to demobilize once the lease is terminated.  We are looking forward to browsing this innovative space to see how it “stackts” up.  Find out more here

Innovation takes to the streets.

This is a great post by Brandon Donnelley regarding Sidewalk Toronto’s experimental workshop at 307 Lakeshore Blvd E.  In this blog, Brandon touches on one of  the newest products being tested for the proposed “city within a city”, heated pavers.  It may sound like environmental lunacy to  give consideration to paving a whole public realm with what some say could potentially be harmful to the environment, however the pros are quite favourable to this new concept.  There are many glitches that must be addressed to make the idea feasible however, and the team is working diligently to  iron the wrinkles out and decide on the avenue to take. Check out the feature here and then check out the workshop on any Sunday, when they are open to the public.


And Ontario Place Goes To…

While some iconic landscapes in Ontario are immediately recognized as needing the designation for heritage protection, Ontario Place is not one of them.  However that is exactly what  a group of concerned and watchful citizens are lobbying for.  Over and above the never-ending tug of war going on with this precious waterfront acreage, petitions are being circulated to have this downtown waterfront space deemed as a heritage location.  And why not?  It has served generations of Torontonians well over decades of use and unfortunately now, decay.

Most are poo-pooing Ford’s campaign to build a mega mall and/or casino in this beautiful parkland to tell the world that Toronto is “open for business”.  (Were we ever closed?)  The presentations and consultations and never ending proposals continue as many of the citizens of this city, would like to see more waterfront and less crane towers.  Read the article recently published in Blogto here.


Being Scene

From now until March 23rd, Workman Arts presents Being Scene, a vast exhibition of art, visual and narrative, encompassing over 60 artists in an expression of diverse life experiences.

Giving voice to mental health and disability awareness, this is an important exhibition that should not be missed.  Find out more about it here

A Win-Win

Home sharing is not a new concept.  People have been renting rooms to travelers for generations.  Never has the need been more acute than in today’s dwindling rental market.  Especially hard hit are university students struggling to survive the cost burden of moving away from home and attempting to find  living accommodations that meet a limited budget. As more and more empty nesters find themselves with copious space – and loneliness – it only makes sense that the void be filled by equally needy students, away from home for the first time and financially and emotionally drained.   The  benefits  mutually attained by both parties are a much needed respite to the angst caused by the rental crises, as well as to those not welcoming the long, quiet days and nights.   This is a win-win solution by all accounts with so very much to gain.  To find out more,  read here.






Protecting our history

As extensive development continues to be the norm in and around the GTA, it is important that our buildings and lands of heritage are recognized, preserved and integrated into the master plan.  To lose these testaments to our past, to our city and its people, would be  a great loss for today’s generation and generations to come.   The concerns of Toronto’s citizens prompted a 2 year study into the heritage narrative culminating in a recently released State of Heritage report which addresses many of the issues at hand with heritage sites, and how the concern for preservation must envelope the whole of the GTA and not just the downtown core.   Read the report here to see what their findings are.

How sweet it is!

While winter gives us another blast of the white stuff this week, why not get out there an enjoy what the end of this season does best – Maple Syrup.  The annual Sugar Beach Sugar Shack is a free event for all ages and offers 2 days of everything maple syrupy and beyond.  There will be maple syrup treats,  entertainment, warming stations, ice-carving and a variety of games for the young and young at heart.  The annual event hosted by Redpath will be happening March 9th and 10th.  Find out more here and then pack up the family and head on down for a sweet winter’s day.

Breathing life into the Don Jail

The legendary Don Jail is set to revamp its tawdry reputation by transforming into a theatre space for a limited engagement of Kiss of the Spider Woman.  Currently being used as an administrative wing of the Bridgepoint Hospital, the unique history and rugged bones of this space lends itself well to the arts and entertainment industry.  Perhaps “Kiss”  will be just the tonic it needs to give new life to an otherwise notorious past.  For more information check out the story here.

Netflix comes to Toronto

A significant boon to the already booming film industry in Toronto, Netflix has announced that some of their operations are moving to Toronto, AKA, Hollywood North.  With a projected 1,850 jobs being created Netflix will be a welcoming addition to the city’s economy.  Read more here


Transit in turmoil

There are no shortage of opinions on whether or not a provincial “upload” of Toronto’s transit system will actually benefit the consumer in terms of the transit system being built faster.  To help weed through some of the rhetoric,  transportation reporter for the Toronto Star, Ben Spurr, breaks down some of the facts and figures here.


Family flashlight tour – AGO

On the first Sunday of every month the AGO offers kids and kids at heart a spooky flashlight tour through the Thomson Collection of Ship Models.  Have fun while delving into the art of ship building.  Check it out here.



Reaching new heights

It seems Toronto has been enjoying it’s share of infamy as “the city with the most of many things”.  Our newest Number One accolade is that Toronto has recently been ranked first in North America for the amount of cranes swinging in our busy sky.  More info can be found here


Toronto ranked 10th most expensive city to live in

In an article in Blog.To, it is reported that Toronto is in a tie with London for the 10th most expensive city  in the world to live in.  Toronto has shot up a  whopping 9 spots from last year to this.  The stats quote that Toronto beats out  New York, Miami, and Las Vegas to name just a few on the list of most expensive cities to live in.  For the full article, check out Blog.To.



Wildlife Photography Contest

With the bone chilling temperatures finally gripping the city, finding interior activities to keep the family active and interested is a great idea.   Among its regular exhibits and events, the ROM is currently host to the Wildlife Photograph of the year.  The contest is open to all and the details can be found here