Art for the visually impaired

For the second year in a row, OCAD students are recreating a number of art pieces and using multi-sensory techniques  to aid visually impaired visitors in the interpretation of the art.  For more information contact the AGO or click here.



Getting away from it all

If you are looking for a vacation that gets you away from it all, perhaps a tent in a Canadian forest might be the answer.  Not just any tent, but an elevated dome tent with stunning views and impressive amenities.  Located just outside of Quebec City, Les Domes Charlevoix offers a unique vacation experience for those who want to unplug in style.  Check out these cool tent cottages here  .

Into the light

Seasonal Affected Disorder can be a heavy burden on those who suffer from this malady.  The treatment for this disorder is light therapy which can be quite expensive if you do not have access to the necessary equipment. Recognizing the need, the Toronto Public Library has installed a number of therapy lights in selected libraries.  More on this, as well as which locations will be home to the light therapy machines can be found here.




To Sea or not to Sea

Many of us dream of living on a boat in a beautiful tropical climate during our golden years.  But a Netherlands architectural firm is taking that dream in a different direction.  Offering the opportunity to live on a boat without ever worrying about sea-sickness or the ravages salt water may play on the vessel itself.  Enter, Marine-doc Estate.  An ingenious community of re-cycled, out-of commission ships that have been hoisted onto land and re-imagined into beautiful homes and neighbourhoods.  Re-purposing these enormous vessels is both practical and environmentally sound.   Let’s see if this unique idea catches on in other city’s and towns across the Globe.  Read more here


Toronto Light Festival

The Toronto Light Festival taking place in the Historical Distillery District is a welcome addition to the many winter activities the city has to offer.  Showcasing a multitude of light installations, the event is one of the brightest of the season.  The show runs from January 18 – March 3, 2019.  Find out more information on their website or by clicking here

Disney for Designers

Design TO will jump start 2019 by bringing 10 full days of design filled events to our city.  From January 18th through to the 27th, embrace your inner designer by taking in any number of free events hosted by Design TO.  For more information and a complete schedule of events, click here



With the holiday season winding down, it’s time to start planning the next chapter in our winter activities.  Thankfully, Toronto’s Winterlicious Festival is just around the corner to ease us through the post-holiday blahs.   With almost 200 of the city’s finest restaurants participating, it’s a great time to treat ourselves to some delicious fare at delectable prices.   Check out the full list of participating restaurants by clicking here.  The festival begins January 25, and runs through to February 7, 2019.


Bringing back the Glory Days

The restoration of Massey Hall received an early Christmas present this year with the announcement of a major influx of funds from both the Federal and Provincial governments.  Along with private and corporate funding, the 60 million added to the Massey Hall restoration coffers is a much needed boost to ensure this significant piece of Toronto’s History is restored back to its former glory.  Read more here


Winter Solstice in Kensington Market

With the full moon and the winter solstice colliding this year, what better time to get out and enjoy festivities in Kensington Market.  Check out the parade and activities at this year’s festival.  Details here




For the many residents of Toronto who shy away from the city’s waterfront during the winter months, you might be missing some of the best art Toronto has to offer.  Among other interesting exhibits to be presented by the water’s edge this year, is a new Icebreakers Exhibit which presents five interactive art installations to be displayed at Queens Quay.    Toronto’s unique landscape is the perfect backdrop for these fun installations and a great place to hang out on a sunny winter’s day.  Find out more about the exhibit here




Infinity Mirror Room comes to the AGO

Fans of Yayoi Kusama will be happy to hear that a permanent exhibit of the Infinity Room will be coming to the AGO in the spring of 2019.  Read the story here.


Laneway housing done right

With the by-laws regarding laneway housing being eased this year, we are starting to see homes popping up out of what were once run-down, out-buildings.  An article in shows one spectacular example of what good design in a re-purposed building can achieve.  Check it out here.

Light up the night

What better way to take the chill out of a cold winter evening than by bringing light into the picture.  This year, Ontario Place is playing host to a Winter Light Exhibition featuring the work of talented artists using light as a medium to produce interesting and unique art installations.

The exhibition is on from Nov. 23, 2018 until March 17, 2019.  For more information and a full list of the artists, click here.


Waterfront for the people.

With the development of Toronto’s port lands and the on again/off again plans for the revitalization of Ontario Place, developers and City Planners should perhaps consider this ingenious swimming facility in the Copenhagen harbour.  In a bid to rejuvenate its harbourfront with careful consideration to the people who live and work there, this recreational installation offers an inviting solution.   Providing a safe space for people to chill out and swim in clean, fresh water while enjoying the city’s spectacular waterfront is something that most Torontonians would probably agree is worth consideration.  Read more here

Beech House Update

The Beech House project will be topping out soon which signifies another major milestone in the construction process. The 6th floor has been poured and windows are being installed.  As well, the YMCA contractors are gearing up to commence work on their space while at the same time finishes are being chosen by the suite owners.

We are all looking forward to seeing the daily progress as we get closer each day to occupancy.

Toronto’s new Museum of Illusions

The new Museum of Illusions can offer a few hours of fun and wonder during these gray, gloomy days.  A great day out for all ages, be prepared to be stunned, amused, educated and baffled simultaneously.  Check it out here.


The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

The RAIC has put out a call for presenters and proposals for tours to take place during the 2019 Festival of Architecture and the 2020 RAIC Conference.  Interested parties should check out their website here to get all the information needed to apply.



For better or for worse?

Here are some innovative new ideas of re-envisioning parking spots in favour of bicyclists and pedestrians.  The designs, found in different cities worldwide could wind up on the streets of Toronto as demand for more user friendly spaces in the downtown core grows.  However, many supporters of the “cars trump bicycles” mindset would disagree on the benefits of an already diminishing parking capacity on our city streets. Read the story here.








114th Annual Santa Claus Parade

With the festive season ramping up, be sure not to miss the 114th running of the Santa Claus Parade this Sunday, November 18th.  Find all you need to know about this fun filled annual event here.