Movies in the Beach

Find a patch of grass, spread a blanket and enjoy movies under the stars.  Tonight marks the start of Movie Nights in the Park 2019.  Every Wednesday beginning tonight, July 3rd, movies can be seen at either Kew Gardens or Ivan Forrest Gardens.  Admission and popcorn free.  Check it out here.

A call for development

The City of Toronto has issued a call for development in its search for a partner to redevelop the Ontario Place lands.  We can only hope that creative minds come up with a revitalization plan that will treat this beautiful lakefront acreage with dignity.  Green space is imperative in the downtown core, and we must fight to preserve this historic space.  Find out more here.

Urban treehouses

We don’t normally think of tree houses as urban dwellings.  Usually when one thinks treehouse it is with memories of  back yard private kid spaces or on the flip side, romantic tropical getaways.  A community of  tree houses in the city would be unthinkable one might ponder.  But that is precisely what University of Westminister graduate, Matthew Chamberlain, proposes.  The designs are innovative and sustainable, and well, kind of fun and romantic.  Read more on Chamberlain’s vision here.


A museum by the people, for the people.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, why not immerse yourself in some beautiful art.   The Dundas West Open Air Museum, located in Little Portugal, showcases the work of local as well as international artists in an eclectic neighbourhood setting.  It is a great day out whether on your own, or with the family.

Cool Pool

When it comes to cool pools, we think this proposed rooftop gem is definitely way up there – in more ways than one.  Check it out here


Mirror, mirror

The House of Mirrors display at Harbourfront Centre  is just one portion of what this year’s Luminato Festival has to offer.  This installation is quickly becoming one of the festival’s most talked about, so don’t miss your chance to get down to the waterfront and check it out for yourself.  Luminato wraps up another year on June 23rd.



Wonderful by the waterfront

Despite all the condo growth along our waterfront, Toronto still boasts a great array of parks and beaches to enjoy on any given summer afternoon.  The Toronto Music Garden is one such place and so often overlooked for more frequented spaces.  Find out more about this inspiring park.



Get thee to the beach!

Whether you take the TTC, bike, car or any other mode of transport, you might want to get to the beach this weekend.  The official start to Toronto’s short beach season officially gets underway this weekend and the weather looks as though it might even cooperate.  Check out where to go here.


Skinny not mini

A recent article in Toronto Life proves that innovation goes a long way when horizontal space is limited.  Check out 3 creatively designed “skinny” houses here.


Out with the Old and in with the New

There is no argument that the Galleria Mall at Dupont and Dufferin has long passed its youth and usefulness.  Enter  Freed Developments and ELAD who are going full steam ahead with  an impressive mixed use development which will be home to retail spaces,  a community centre, sprawling outdoor living areas in addition to residential towers.  Architects Hariri Pontarini have presented a master plan for the revitalization of this piece of land and if all goes as promised, the end result will be worth the wait.  Read about the plans in

One enchanted evening

On August 10th, head down to the Mississauga Water Lantern Festival where you can be a part of this worldwide eco-friendly event. For the price of admission, you will receive one of 1000 lanterns with which to write your own words of hope, enlightenment and love.   Tickets are going fast, find our more here




Eye candy

It is said you eat first with your eyes and then with your mouth.  In the case of this restaurant, Quetzal  featured in, truer words were never spoken.  The unique design is a feast for the eyes, and hopefully the palate as well.



Opting Out Innstead

In a recent article, Joanna Lavoie of reports that the much anticipated affordable housing project slated to be built at Coxwell and Upper Gerrard in  Leslieville has been cancelled.  Innstead Co-Op Housing Inc. has pulled the plug on the project citing escalating prices and an inability to project a break even point.  Disappointment is palpable as the community and others like it, continue to be the collateral damage in an ever increasing short term rental market.  Read the article here.


The Bubble House

Pierre Cardin’s Bubble House is not to be missed.  If you haven’t  heard of it before, here is you chance to check it out here.

The F Factor

Flooding.  With all eyes focused on our country’s recent and extensive flooding crises, there are many schools of thought on how to deal with repeat occurrences.  Unfortunately, the time for reactive thinking is over.  The time for proactive strategies is now.  And it is real.  And it is urgent.  The facts are in, the looming and catastrophic effects of  climate change are fast becoming the reality and it is time the various levels of government start implementing solid measures to keep our cities and citizens safe.  A recent article in speaks to the impact on the infrastructure that these repeat flood events have and, offers some solid suggestions on what we need to do now, to prevent a disaster later.  Read the article here



Brushing up on the rules

Now that the King Street Pilot Project is no longer a “pilot” project and is here to stay, maybe it is time to brush up on the rules surrounding this controversial plan.  Check it out here



Generating new life from an old plant.

For those of us who enjoy boating on Lake Ontario, the Mississauga Coal Generating Plant along with its “4 Sisters”,  as the smoke stacks were affectionately called, was a source of directional aid to many a mariner.  Visible from as far away as Welland on a sunny day, the sisters served as an important navigational tool, directing many a captain home.

With its demise in 2006 when the stacks were detonated and crumbled to the ground, the plans immediately shifted to new development covering nearly 200 acres.  An architectural company has now been awarded the contract and preliminary designs and plans are being introduced.

When the coal plant shut down, many felt the “sisters” should have been allowed to remain and incorporated into any future development plans as a homage to this past era.  However  it was not to be and the new development will be a welcome refurbishment for a long neglected portion of the city’s waterfront.   Read about the plans here in Canadian Architect Magazine.

Site Shack Chic

In Vancouver B.C., a construction management firm  is putting a  welcoming face to the otherwise stark and redundant look of a construction site office.  Boasting an organic look and feel to the mobile office space, Powers Construction’s design is more appealing to the community and their site staff in terms of looks, comfort and function. Read why here Canadian Architect.

The Fabulous Fold

A unique home in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood is a standout in design and architecture.  The interior space is as thoughtfully put together as is the copper clad facade.  Don’t miss a chance to check it out here.



A slice of the pie for Toronto


Toronto is set to receive $87 million of the Federal Government’s $40 billion budget set aside for their 10 year National Housing Strategy.  The program is committed to increasing the supply of affordable rental units through this funding.  The funding has been slated to fund a 16 storey  building in Toronto’s west ends.  Find out more about this initiative here.