The Prince Edward Viaduct – where east meets west

If you live in the City of Toronto, it is a safe bet to assume you have traveled along the Bloor Viaduct (originally, the Prince Edward Viaduct),  in some mode of transportation.  Whether by car, subway, bike, or on foot, chances are you have crossed the ravine  using this iconic roadway.   In a recent search on the City of Toronto website for something completely unrelated, we came across this archival storytelling of the viaduct and the people involved in bringing it to fruition.   As much a part of Toronto’s history as the Distillery District and Fort York, the story of the building of this impressive span deserves to be read and enjoyed by all .  For those interested in learning more, you can find the whole story here

Permits Please.

With Spring just around the corner, many homeowners will be looking to spruce up their living spaces by doing some minor or even major renovations.  Many people believe that they can make alterations to their homes without requiring a building permit, when in fact most renovations will require some form of permit.  If you are hiring a Project Management firm, such as Grove Inc., they can guide you in the right direction and/or handle the permit procurement stage of your renovation as well as overseeing the project from start to finish.  Heavy penalties can be incurred if caught without the proper permits in place so, be sure to educate yourself on what needs to be acquired before you start work.  The attached information from the City of Toronto is just an inkling of what kind of penalties and fines are involved if work begins without securing the necessary go-aheads.  Click here to read more.


And the winner is…

The 5th Annual “Ladle-it-up” contest which benefits Community Centre 55 on Main Street in the Upper Beach is taking place on February 15th.  Local restaurants will  compete for the coveted bragging rights on who makes the tastiest soup in the neighbourhood.  Warm up with some delicious soup offerings, while supporting a terrific community fund raiser.   Check out the times and location details here.

The Rain Sun Rooms

The backyard addition of a mixed-use residential/office in London caught our eye for its unique design, functionality and eco-friendliness. The owners, design team Tonkin Liu, who use the home for business and residence have created a zen-like feeling in this well-conceived and playful addition which has recently been shortlisted in the Don’t Move – Improve 2018 contest which recognizes excellence in residential home extensions in the UK.  Read more on this innovative design HERE

Toronto – Design Destination

George Yabu and Glen Pushelberg, the founders and driving force behind the world renowned design firm, got up close and personal during the Interior Design Show in Toronto recently. During an interview with Eleanor Gibson, they talked about the creative energy flowing into Toronto and how our great city has the potential of becoming one of the top international design hubs. As self-appointed ambassadors in promoting design growth in the city, this dynamic team are striving to put Toronto on the map as an exciting design destination that will appeal to young, creative new talent. For more on the story, read HERE

The Music of Architecture

It is a staggering truth that only 1% of all licensed architects in the US identify as Afro Americans.  The profession is vastly underrepresented by persons of minority backgrounds, but thankfully, architect Michael Ford and musicians such as Kanye West, Solange Knowles and Pharrell Williams are using their celebrity status to promote the field of architecture and encourage the creative energy in kids to think outside the box when choosing their occupational path.

Eleanor Gibson of, sat down with Michael Ford to discuss the work being done to increase diversity in the architecture and design industries.   Read the story and interview HERE.

Festival of Lights

As Torontonians struggle to get through the weird and wonky winter of 2018, there is a light at the end of the winter weary tunnel.  Actually “lights”, as in many, many lights.

The Toronto Festival of Lights is back in all its magical glory offering a warm respite from the city’s outdoor climes and welcoming young and old into its enchanting, positivity inducing realm.  With the Distillery District providing the backdrop for this event, it is a wonderful way to celebrate all the city has to offer.

For information on the festival, click HERE.

Fill it up!

The first phase of the Toronto Port Lands makeover has begun, as reported in, here. This billion dollar project has been on the agenda for a long time so it is a good sign to see movement on Cherry Street as the lake fill begins.  The project is a win-win for Toronto as it moves to protect the area from flooding while generating a vibrant new community within the downtown core.

A step in the right direction for greenhouse gas emission

We are all aware of the effect of greenhouse gas emissions and how governments and private sector participants are working diligently to lower their carbon footprint.  In a move to identify and subsequently reduce greenhouse gas emissions during construction processes, Ellis Don and the U of T have received a $2.4 million grant to develop a Carbon Accounting Tool which will help to provide solutions and strategies in achieving significant GHG reductions. This exciting and important research will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated during the construction process and keep the industry on the positive side of this critical requirement.  Read more here.


The Interior Design Show

If you are looking for something warm to do this weekend, check out the annual Interior Design Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The opening gala is Thursday night and included in the ticket price are various catered goodies and libations.  Mingle with the who’s who of Toronto’s design scene while stepping into a cornucopia of innovative and trend setting design.  The show continues all weekend, but open only to the trades on Friday.  For more information, check out their website by clicking on the link.


Introducing…Post Lofts!

Grove is pleased to be part of an exciting new project coming this fall.  Located in Leslieville at 1249 Queen Street East, the 6 storey, 29 unit Post Lofts  is scheduled to break ground in late autumn.  Units are going fast and the building is already 65% sold and is expected to sell out before the start of construction.

Grove will be providing both Project and Construction Management services for the project.  We look forward to working with the owners, Condoman Developments Inc. as well as ICON Architects, in bringing another great residential/retail building into the community.


Deconstructing Management

Creating new ideas from within an organization a.k.a. intrapreneurship is gaining momentum as a number of companies are slipping away from the traditional management models in favour of a more employee driven environment.  Having employees manage themselves is resulting in more productivity and less animosity as some research is showing.  An article written by Andrew Chakhoyan for the World Economic Forum makes a strong case for the argument that companies who rely on their employees using logic and common sense in their day to day responsibilities as opposed to adhering to the standards of traditional management policies,  are showing increased desirability among talent coming on board and the firms who are hiring them.     Click here for the story.

Heritage designation vs the developer

As the city continues to feel the heat from the burgeoning issue of growth, developers and Heritage Toronto are not seeing eye-to-eye on the city’s latest attempt to quell unsanctioned demolitions of historic buildings.  In an effort to curb this unfavourable trend, the city has designated a further 94 properties as heritage buildings, thereby protecting them from obscurity – for the short time in any case.  To learn more on this story click HERE


Homes for the Homeless

RESCON and St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing Society have teamed up to build 22 new residential units in Kensington Market to house the most vulnerable members of Toronto society.  This is not the Housing Society’s first move in this direction and while they met with resistance 15 years ago, the residents of Kensington Market are welcoming and open to the new plan.  Read the story at or click here.

Saying goodbye to a pioneer in its field

The Community Bike Network was established some 24 years ago to help a then fledgling bicycle community have a voice.  After years of tireless advocacy for the bicycle loving community of Toronto, the organization is closing its doors to make way for the associations who have generated from their humble roots.  The Bike Network has become redundant to the larger associations whose paths where forged by the network’s simple beginnings. Involved in the birth of bike sharing, instrumental in the TTC’s bike racks and strong advocates for extended bike lanes throughout the city, the organization has proven its worth and has thus turned its work over to a new generation of bicycle enthusiasts who will continue to fight for  cyclists’ rights.   If you would like to read more on the story, click here


The Top Ten…

As we come to the close of another year, there is no shortage of “Top Ten “everything in the media these days.  From top ten fashion trends of the year, to movies, diet plans, cars, electronics, personalities and so forth.   The lists are endless and for the most part, tedious .  However, put out a list recently that we felt warranted a re-post on our blog. The top 10 architecture/design quotes of 2017.  Architecture and design is often overlooked for the integral part it plays in our societal composition, but Dezeen has captured 10 quotes from world renowned players in the field whose own thoughts  call up reflection on the world around us.  Click here to read more.


Toronto  Design Offsite Festival 2018 (TO DO18), kicks off with the Opening Night party on January 15th and runs through to the 21st.  TO DO 18 promises to be a whirlwind of activity bringing together designers and the community in a celebration of work through installations, exhibitions and events scattered throughout the city.  Get all the details on the TO DO website by clicking here


The Bentway – going a longer way.

The recent surge of revitalization projects that the city has undertaken seems to be snowballing in a favourable direction.  With an additional 500K being infused into the the Bentway Skating Trail by a local developer, the project has been extended to Bathurst street and is slated to open January 6th.  This will be a welcome addition to the downtown core and an added attraction for out of town visitors.  Read more from blog.To ‘s Lisa Power HERE

Flying responsibly

Inside Toronto reports that the GTAA released its “Growing Responsibly: the 2018-2022 Noise Management Action Plan”.  The major focus of the plan is to work towards overall quieter operations.  Among some of the commitments studied are night flight restriction plans, quieter aircraft incentives, greater environmental responsibility and noise insulation to area homes.    For more information click HERE


Breaking the ice at Queens Quay

With our first real snowfall this week, the city seems to be rejuvenated from the dull winter blahs.  Snow has a way of lifting our Canadian spirits and starts us on the road to  winter activities.    The upcoming Ice Breakers Art Competition is a good way to get out and enjoy the season after the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over.  Set to take centre stage in January 2018,  this exciting art installation will brighten the shores at Queens Quay while showcasing interactive works of art by  international talent.  For more information click  HERE